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Philoxenia: The Art of Expressing Love and Friendship to Strangers

By Bruna Kadletz. Published in Fall Winter Comments 0. Prev Next. Credits Staff and Advisors. A Long Convalescence Judith Skillman. Two Poems Sarah Brown Weitzman.

Parisian - Strangers in Love [Official Lyric Video]

Three Poems Lois Marie Harrod. Two Poems Sharon Hilberer. Three Poems Marnie Heenan. Join Kosmos Community. Share your email and we will share the world of Kosmos. Kosmos briefings, podcasts and short videos delivered to your inbox Exclusive access to presentations and special events Live online streaming of our annual symposium Invitations to our yearly retreats and other Kosmos gatherings. Three Poems Jake Sheff. Two Poems John Grey. Dear Reed Canyon Sage Cohen. Two Poems Judith Arcana.

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Three Poems Jan Chronister. All the Same by Francie Moon. Psychedelia of a darker shade than usual, Francie Moon eschew kaleidoscopic colors for a slow, sludgey trek through the sonic badlands. Every Other Day by The Dandelion. Mystical new single from Australian psych project the Dandelion features twisting Farfisa lines, ghostly vocals, and spaced out atmosphere.

Vacation by The Blank Tapes.

Sweet bossa novas and surf-kissed ballads rule on this beach bound collection of breezy Golden State pop. Explore music.

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There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met. William Butler Yeats. Friendship You Friends Only Here.

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It's also selfish because it makes you feel good when you help others. I've been helped by acts of kindness from strangers. That's why we're here, after all, to help others. Carol Burnett. Good Kindness You Feel. Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people - your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way. Barbara Bush. Success Family You People.

Going to a restaurant is one of my keenest pleasures. Meeting someplace with old and new friends, ordering wine, eating food, surrounded by strangers, I think is the core of what it means to live a civilised life. Adam Gopnik. Life Food Friends Eating. If you age with somebody, you go through so many roles - you're lovers, friends, enemies, colleagues, strangers; you're brother and sister. That's what intimacy is, if you're with your soulmate. Cate Blanchett. Brother Age You Colleagues.

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    Two ways to read the story

    Complete strangers can stand silent next to each other in an elevator and not even look each other in the eye. But at a concert, those same strangers could find themselves dancing and singing together like best friends. That's the power of music. LZ Granderson. Best Music Power Together. If two friends ask you to judge a dispute, don't accept, because you will lose one friend; on the other hand, if two strangers come with the same request, accept because you will gain one friend. Saint Augustine.

    You Friends Judge Friend. Many people believe that introversion is about being antisocial, and that's really a misperception. Because actually it's just that introverts are differently social. So they would prefer to have a glass of wine with a close friend as opposed to going to a loud party full of strangers. Susan Cain.

    The Love of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen's London

    People Believe Friend Wine. On Halloween, kids get to assume, for one night the outward forms of their innermost dread, and they're also allowed to take candy from strangers - the scariest thing of all. Kate Christensen. Halloween Night Candy Take. I couldn't have foreseen all the good things that have followed my mother's death. The renewed energy, the surprising sweetness of grief. The tenderness I feel for strangers on walkers.